Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raw dog food reduces vet fees

Janet Tobiassen Crosby (what a fantastic name) is a US-based vet who publishes a great deal about canine healthcare and answers questions on the subject for She recently asked her readers: 'Have you noticed a change in your pet's health since starting the bones and raw food method of feeding? In what way?' This is what she said about the response:

"A resounding YES on this one from our viewers. The most common health benefits noted were clean and healthy teeth, fresh breath, and shiny coat. Other benefits noted by some viewers included reduced trouble with anal sac impaction, better weight control, reduction or elimination of allergies (skin and intestinal), and a general increase in vigor/acting much younger than age would indicate."

Further evidence that one of the key benefits of a raw food diet for dogs is that they don't have to visit the vet as often. This, in turn, means lower vet fees. Here's the link:

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