Monday, March 22, 2010

Perhaps the most impressive dog trainers in London

I have very specific ideas about how dogs should be trained and, candidly, most trainers fail to impress me. My own education was received from a wonderful, Australian woman called Alison Morgan who, though now in her eighties, is still passionate about dogs and obedience training. I watched her work with her own champion dogs almost every day throughout through my childhood (I should explain that she brought me up), attended her classes and also went to many of the dog shows where she appeared. Her philosophy is straightforward: positive reinforcement of good behaviour and what I would describe as mild disapproval of bad behaviour. Anyway, the result is that although I like lots of dog trainers I meet, there are few that I really admire.

Two that I am more than happy to recommend, however, are
Phillip Gazzard and Craig Steiff. Phillip runs Bark Busters for North, South and Central London and Craig runs Bark Busters for West London, Croydon and Sutton. Recently I chose them to look after my sister-in-law Kate’s new lurcher, Jackson, (photos to follow) and my business partner Vicky is actually getting them to help her with her Labradoodle, Rudi. In other words, they are so good we are using them ourselves.

What makes them special? They follow the Bark Busters training philosophy designed in the 1980s by Sylvia and Danny Wilson and which has since become the most popular training method in the world. Indeed, Bark Busters have trained more than 500,000 dogs since it was founded in Australia.
Anyway, I am rambling (first day back at blogging and all that). My real point is that if you are looking for a trainer anywhere in the London area I would definitely recommend Phillip and Craig. They have their own website Dog Training London or you can call them on 0808 100 4071.

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