Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Raw Dolphins!!!!

I don't really take holidays. Some days I work 18 hours, other days one hour (recently it has been more the former than the latter) and as I love the different things I do this suits me well. But - or rather BUT - if I was going to take a holiday I think I might be jolly tempted to sign up for a Raw Dolphins holiday. Raw Dolphins? Well, yes. Run by a darling Darling customer called Yemaya (who is also a pal of a pal) they offer an opportunity to swim with dolphins in locations that look (to my jaded northern European eyes) pretty close to paradise. Think gorgeous, empty, sunny, sandy beaches. It is also possible to take a yoga class every day on the beach. Yemaya is a huge proponent of raw food and eats an entirely raw vegan diet. Having tried this myself I can vouch for just how great one feels not eating meat and not eating anything cooked. Anyway, the 'raw' bit of Raw Dolphins refers to the food on offer. Whether you treat the holiday as an opportunity to detox or whether you end up changing to a raw diet on a permanent basis if my experience is anything to go by you won't regret it. Hey ho. Marianne and I are just back from four days on Culebra which, as you know, but I didn't, is off Puerto Rica (I relied on the pilots to find it for us...and they did) and so I am rather overflowing with enthusiasm for exactly the sort of place that Raw Dolphins will take you. Also, I note from their website that they do food demonstrations as part of the holiday. As I say, if holidays were my style I'd be booking now. Yemaya can be reached on 07884 438758 or email


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