Monday, April 18, 2011

More about Pet Plus

When I wrote about PetPlus a few weeks ago Suzi McIntyre tried to add a comment and it got lost somewhere in space and ever since I have been meaning to update the posting but actually it probably makes more sense just to copy and paste what she said:

And I do recommend Pet Plus with raw food in healthy dogs and cats, because the raw food we feed does not contain the whole 'prey' animal. The guts contain probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes which are of enormous benefit to our carnivorous pets. I am always getting comments from committed raw food feeders saying how much better their dog / cat is since adding the Pet Plus. Even our dear friend Ros Walters, a brilliant canine nutritionist, has found a vast improvement in her dogs' health since adding the Pet Plus. So it's definitely not just for sick dogs and cats. The aim is to prevent them getting sick in the first place! Feeding raw on its own is only part of the job.

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