Saturday, May 8, 2010

Congratulations to Malindi (Super Mum)!

Sigh. Malindi (who we feed) has just had four totally adorable puppies and I couldn't resist posting the photograph. This very happy Bernese Mountain Dog family live with Sue Small. Sue has never bred before but judging by the very cheery email I just received she is more than qualified for it. She has, after all, done the Canine Behaviour and Training course at Moreton Morrell Agricultural College and also runs a boarding and walking service. Sue first fell in love with Bernese Mountain Dogs when her Dad took her to a dog show in...well, I won't say when but she was terrifically young...only for various reasons (she kept taking in rescue dogs I suspect) it was 37 years before she realised her dream of owning one. What a dog, though! Malindi has already done incredibly well at Crufts and now these little angels come along. Anyway, heartiest congratulations from all of us at Darling's...

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