Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cool for cats...but not for Darling's

Are you feeding your cats on Darling's vegetable free recipe? I'm afraid I have good news and bad news. For some time now we have been aware that we are losing money on these recipes but we haven't had the heart to push the price up. Another problem is that we sell very little of it and it is very time consuming to make. Also, although Darling's customers are all total darlings, some of our feline customer companions seem to hold us responsible if their cat won't eat a particular recipe - even if they have had it before. I don't think it is any secret that cats are notoriously fussy when it comes to their victuals. Anyway, we have decided that we are going to stop making it on a regular basis. That's the bad news. The good news is that existing customers may order the same amount of food that they have ordered from us in the past for four weeks from the day we announce that we are stopping. Also, if any customer decides to go the DIY route we will be happy to recommend books, recipes etc. We are really sorry to be letting down our few vegetable free customers but we will do everything to make sure we look after everyone properly. As soon as we get our dates sorted out we will ring and write to everyone likely to be affected.

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