Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nick Thompson and the Healthy Beast 'Small Animal Raw Food Nutrition' Course on the 24th September

If you would like to know more about raw feeding then put Saturday 24th September in your diary and get in touch with the organisers Healthy Beast (great name, isn't it? Their number is 01869 349955). The course is being given by Nick Thompson. The letters after Nick's name run on forever - BSc (Hons) Path. Sci., BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS - but we know him as one of the best and most enlightened vets in the country. He is a keen proponent of raw feeding (well, he would be, come to think of it) and a brilliant homeopath, as well. He is one of a handful of vets who we really trust. Not only does he know his stuff, but he is a brilliant speaker, too. I have not come across the organisers before but looking at their website they seem to run an equine facility in Oxfordshire that specialises in looking after horses with health issues and they also make a range of herbal/oil based products for horses and dogs - some medical, some not. They offer quite a few courses and, all in all, it looks pretty impressive. Anyway, I am sure Nick wouldn't be working with them if he didn't think they were good at what they do. The main website for the organisers is Natural Healthcare Services for Animals.

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