Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why not enter the Rescue Remedies photo competition?

This is such a silly photo I couldn't resist using it even though its connection to this post's subject matter is exceedingly tenuous (when I googled for an image of a rescue dog this is what came up).

It is my proud boast that so far we haven't had to turn down a single request by a canine charity or welfare organisation looking for a fundraising prize. One such charity is Rescue Remedies - a small, effective, ethical rehoming organisation well deserving of support. At the moment they are running a photo competition and I hope that you will take time to enter.

Rescue Remedies has been rescuing dogs in the Surrey area since 2002 and is currently looking after around 60 or 70 dogs. They do not have a 'centre' but are internet based.This is what they say on their website: We are very small and don't have staff or a call centre, just a few dedicated volunteers processing applications and liaising with families.

You will find tons of information on their website or email

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