Thursday, December 31, 2009

The hottest name in canine couture...Puppy Kit!

What are the best-dressed dogs wearing this season? Something from Puppy Kit The super-smart online canine boutique (which also boasts a shop in Buckhurst Hill, Essex) had the stand next to us at Discover Dogs last November and it took four people a whole day to stock their shelves. I don't think there was a moment during the two-day show when people weren't queuing to look at their range and as we were packing up I noticed that Vicky and Marianne both sported overflowing Puppy Kit carrier bags.

What makes Puppy Kit so special? As with any fashion shop it comes down to their eye. The buyers have a brilliant knack for seeking out the hottest pet fashion and accessories. International labels include Juicy Couture, Dogs of Glamour, Chien Vivant, Waifs & Strays, and Trendy4Paws plus they carry all sorts of witty accessories such as collars, coats and bowls featuring your favourite soccer team.

Puppy Kit brings style to the practical things that every dog needs from baskets to blankets and from toys to tags. They also offer all sorts of dog-related items including a range of jewellery. Anyway, as you will have gathered, we have all gone slightly Puppy Kit mad at Darling's!


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