Saturday, December 19, 2009

Is your dog's guaranteed safety worth 1p a day?

Have you got a seatbelt or better still a crash-tested safety crate for your dog? Think I am being neurotic? You wouldn't travel in a car without buckling up and you certainly wouldn't let a child roam free. So why put your dog's life at risk? Especially as there are some great safety products on the market.

The Rolls Royce of canine safety equipment comes from a Kent-based company offering a tubular steel crate that has been crash tested and fits most estate cars, people carriers and four wheel drives. OK, it will cost you upwards of £335, but to me this seems a small price to pay for peace of mind. Let me put it this way, one of these crates will last forever but even if you only use it for - say - ten years it will cost you as little as 1p a day or less. If we took our dogs in the car more than a few times a year this is what I would get them.

As it is we use a harness. I don't think these are anywhere near as good but they are still better than nothing and will stop the dog from going flying if you have to stop suddenly or become involved in an accident. We got ours in the USA, but SafeDog have what looks like an excellent option starting at £49.

Please, please think about how you transport your dog. I've been involved in two serious accidents (neither my fault) and I know how easy it is to think: 'Oh, it will never happen to me.'

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