Monday, February 8, 2010

Barking Mayhem 2010

If you live within easy distance of Stevenage in Hertfordshire then can I recommend putting 3rd May in your diary? That’s the date of the second ‘Barking Mayhem’ dog show. The organisers clearly have a penchant for German Shepherds because there is to be a rally just for them…but it isn’t all about Shepherds. Last year – the first year the organisers have planned the show – attendance was a stunning 1,500 and this year they are hoping for more. Whoops. I should have mentioned that the show is in aid of charity and is organised with the help of the Barking Mad Dog Training School. Anyway, it all looks great fun. Vicky and I are hoping to be there if we can, incidentally, but even if we can’t we are planning to donate a bumper Darling’s hamper as a prize.

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