Friday, February 5, 2010

Dicky Bags...the No.1 answer to No.2s

Why my oldest son, Nat, set up his dog walking, babysitting and errand business, which he rather cleverly called WalkSitRun his younger brother, Jack, secretly referred to the enterprise as WalkSh!tScoop. It is certainly true that Nat developed, albeit briefly, an obsessive interest with different scooping and storage methods and when you visited him he was inclined to wave the latest device under your nose and ask: 'What do you think of this?'

Anyway, I am sure that Nat would heartily approve of Dicky Bags, the trendy new scooper accessory, that bills itself as 'the No.1 answer for dogs' No.2s'. Basically the Dicky Bags kit consists of a) the bag itself...a zip-up container in a range of colours that you can clip to the dog's lead or your belt b) biodegradable pick up bags c) a freshner thingy (they don't actually call it this) that fits in the zip up container.

So, what you do is scoop and bag as per usual and - instead of then having to spend your whole walk holding the offending plastic bag in your hand - you pop it in the neat little container and - um - Bob is your uncle (which in my case actually happens to be true, Hello, Uncle Bob).

Anyway, if you live in an area where scooping is de rigueur then the Dicky Bag has to be the way to go.

PS They are very good value for money!

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